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About Me

Hi there, I'm Elizabeth!

I love the vast wilderness, dark chocolate, shiny things and adventuring above and underwater with my husband. 

I began playing and experimenting with jewelry after travelling through the bright and colourful markets of Africa & Mexico, enchanted by the diverse techniques and varied craftsmanship.


Inspired by nature and history, I dabble in copper, silver and precious stones. I am self-taught and my unique style is everchanging as I continue to learn and grow as an artist.

Creating jewelry means so much more to me than putting more consumable objects into the world. My jewelry is meant to last. It’s a timeless process constructed of timeless materials.

My pieces are all hand-made and the epitome of  'slow-jewelry". I put immense amounts of care into every necklace, earring and ring, with the hopes you will pass it down from generation to generation. 

May each piece bring you a smile every time you put it on!

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