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Don't be a stranger - if you have any questions, please let me know!

Ready-to-ship pieces do have a 5-day window from the date of payment to when they will be shipped. 


This being said, 9 times out of 10 of the time your jewelry will be shipped within 24 hours!

Custom pieces have custom timelines.

We will discuss dates and details at the time of your order.

I ship with USPS, all shipments have a tracking number.


Once shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation email Duty and customs fees depend on the final destination country and are not the responsibility of Adrift Designs. 

FREE Priority Shipping for US orders > $100  

USD 10 shipping to USA.

USD 15 shipping to Canada and Mexico.

USD 17 shipping worldwide.

Alternative shipping methods can be arranged, additional costs may apply

Jewelry is inherently delicate, and that's part of its charm. I design my pieces to withstand your adventures and to be passed down to future generations. That said, jewelry is fragile and may become damaged over time due to heavy wear and tear, or even just a single big "oops" moment. In most cases, the customer must take responsibility for damage that occurs. That said, if you believe it is a quality issue, please immediately send me a message to discuss it. 

Each circumstance is different, and I cannot guarantee a free-of-charge repair. Message me right away to discuss. 

Be kind and use your manners. 

I do not, and will never, tolerate harassment or intimidation. I will do my absolute best to work with you - so long as you are kind.and polite. We are all human. 


I want you to be 100% satisfied with your Adrift purchase.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please reach out to me immediately to discuss your issue and we will work together to come to a resolution.


Refunds can be considered within 7 days of arrival (based on the shipping tracking history) and the product must be returned in original condition.  

Custom Orders

I love custom pieces! Tell me your ideas! 

Please reach out to me at to discuss your next one-of-a-kind adornment. 

*Custom orders are non-refundable and require deposit.


Prices quoted in USD ($) unless otherwise stated.

Materials and Process

All pieces are handmade from start to finish using traditional metalsmithing techniques.


My pieces are made using .925 or fine sterling silver unless otherwise stated. 

All stones and gems are one-of-a-kind and ethically sourced. This means that I cannot make exact duplicates of any piece.

Stones will show wear over time; the amount and type of wear will differ with each stone (due to their porosity, age and strength)

Liver of sulfur, and Jax are used to darken and highlight. 

No patina is permanent.

Jewelry Care

Fact: All sterling silver jewelry will tarnish.

Never wear your sterling silver jewelry in a hot springs or chlorine pool, when sanitizing your hands or preparing food or when using cleaning products or abrasives. 

Store in a dry area - not your bathroom counter!


Many people store their sterling silver jewelry in sealed containers with an anti-tarnish tab (included in your purchase). These need to be replaced every six months or so, and are readily available online. Search "3M anti-tarnish tab" for replacements.


Periodically clean your jewelry with a polishing cloth (included in your purchase). Sometimes, polishing cloths can remove the patina that was intentionally applied to highlight details - only polish the areas that you want shiny again. Please note, no patina is permanent.

Turquoise and Variscite are stunning, but they are a bit softer than other stones. Please take care and be gentle with your gems. These beauties are naturally porous and can subtly change color over time as they absorb the natural oils produced by your skin and hair. This makes your jewelry uniquely yours!

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